Galaxi Pro Electric Combi Boiler

  • It offers an aesthetic appearance with its minimized dimensions and exterior design.
  • 99% efficient operation.
  • Heating system can quickly enter the regime and heat the House.
  • Protection against high pressures with 3 bar safety valve.
  • Safe working guarantee with automatic and manual air vent on the circulation pump.
  • Expansion tank.
  • Manometer.
  • Wilo circulation pump.
  • 1 bar adjustable safety switch (protection against waterless operation).
  • Automatic by-pass.
  • Room thermostat output.

  • Electronic water temperature control with NTC system (precision heat sensor).
  • Day and night time programs at desired temperatures thanks to the wireless room thermostat.
  • Electronic heat setting thermostat.
  • Limit thermostat against overheating.
  • Ability to operate every 24 hours to avoid pump jamming.
  • Safe operation with the control panel with digital display, where fault information about the device is received.
  • All our electric combi boilers are produced with 3 phase. If desired, the input phases can be bridged and operated at 220 volts.


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Technical Table
Galaxi Pro Electric Combi Boiler

1. Low Pressure Sensor (Water kit)

2. Manometer

3. Boiler Heat Probe

4. Resistances

5. Expansion Tank

6. Boiler Body

7. Air Vent

8. Reset Safety Thermostat

9. Mains Input Terminal

10. Control Panel

11. Power Distribution Board

12. Automatic Air Release

13. Recirculation Pump

14. Fill Valve

15. 3 Bar Safety Valve

16. Heater Return

17. Cold Water Inlet

18. Heater Outgoing

POWER (kw)68101214
CAPACITY (kcal/h)5200688086001032012040
AMPER 230/ 400 VOLT1x27/3X101x37/3X121x45/3X161x55/3X191x64/3X21
ELECTRICAL CONNECTION (V-50 Hz)230/400230/400230/400230/400230/400
DEVICE CONNECTION CABLE (mm²)2X4/4X2.52X6/4X2.52X6/4X2.52X10/4X42X10/4X4
GROUND CABLE SECTION (mm²)2,54/2,54/2,56/46/4
BOILER TEMPERATURE RANGE (°C)40-7540-7540-7540-7540-75
RADIATOR ROUND TRIP DIAMETER (inch) 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4
PACKAGING WEIGHT (kg)2323232323