Would you like to warm up with a technology that cares about you and the environment?

A little more than electric combi boiler

You will have peace of mind while heating with electric combi boilers that work with the correct use of resources, an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly system.

When technology began to enter our lives intensively, a lifestyle in which smart systems were at the center became inevitable. The correct and appropriate use of technology both makes our lives easier and helps us to protect the environment.
Since smart systems are used in every field, we can do many things with a single click. These systems think for us and provide correct and effective use by arranging many things without leaving us any intervention.

As Termoakım, we have an understanding that closely follows technology and builds R&D processes on developing technology. Our goal from the very beginning; It was to create efficient, economical, nature-friendly products that use resources in the most efficient way. We managed our processes by putting this principle as the basis of all our developments. We tried to catch the effective product, which is our main goal, with the developments and tests that will optimize the products in the best way. With these efforts, we developed Termoakım Smart Technology and started to use it in our products, and we continue and will continue to develop in line with new technologies.

termaokim smart teknoloji cevre

Efficient use of resources prevents over-use and protects resources. Thermoakım Smart Technology ensures high efficiency while minimizing resource consumption with smart optimizations. With the system we use in our electric combi boilers, a properly optimized consumption is realized for efficient heating and hot water use. This ensures that the use of resources is in parallel with the need, and also prevents the formation of extra burdens in terms of economy.

It is important to use correctly designed products for an efficient use. From the design structure to the software and part selection, all stages are of great importance for high efficiency. We create highly efficient products by combining the design developments we have made in our electric combi boilers with Termoakım Smart Technology. At the same time, thanks to this technology, we offer you the possibility of customizable heating, which will make your life easier. Thanks to the intelligent structure of Termoakım Smart Technology, you can program your heating preferences in Termoakım electric combi boilers, and you can make your combi work at the desired temperature whenever you want. Thus, you both minimize the use of resources and provide an efficient and economical use.

Transferring a protected environment to future generations is our greatest duty towards our children and the world. With this awareness, we use highly recyclable materials in our electric combi boilers. In addition, we work for a more beautiful environment by ensuring the optimum use of resources with the understanding of efficient use we have created thanks to Termoakım Smart Technology.