Galaxi Smart S Electric Combi Boiler

  • 99% efficient operation.
  • Multifunctional graphic display.
  • Easy to use keypad.
  • On-screen diagnostics and controls.
  • Programming 5 different timers during the day.
  • Ability to determine different operating temperatures for each program.
  • 3 or 4 specially designed chrome resistances.
  • Gradual capacity selection with microprocessor providing 25% economy.
  • Circulation pump control modulation according to need, providing 7% economy.
  • Separate rating modulation of DHW and radiator temperature, which saves 12%.
  • Automatic hot water usage detection modulation with 15% savings.

  • Hot water pretreatment and intelligent sensing modulation in summer mode (DHW only), which saves 40%.
  • Specially designed chrome resistance that saves 6%.
  • Suitable to underfloor heating.
  • Room thermostat output.
  • High efficiency with specially developed mixer heat exchanger.
  • Limit thermostat against overheating.
  • Pump blockage protection.
  • Protection against freezing
  • Automatic air vent.
  • Manual air purge valve for quick and easy removal of air from the device.
  • Safety system against running without water.


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Technical Table
Galaxi Smart S Electric Combi Boiler

1. Bleeding Valve

2. Low Pressure Sensor (Water kit)

3. Manometer

4. Plate Heat Exchanger

5. Usage Water Temperature Sensor


6. Three Way Valve Motor

7. Expansion Tank

8. Reset Safety Thermostat

9. Control Panel

10. Power Distribution Board

11. Boiler Body

12. Boiler Heat Probe

13. Resistances

14. Flow Sensor

15. Automatic Air Release

16. Recirculation Pump

17. 3 Bar Safety Valve

18. Fill Valve

19. Heater Return

20. Cold Water Inlet

21. Hot Water Outlet

22. Heater Outgoing

POWER (kw)10121824303640
CAPACITY (kcal/h)8.60010.32015.48020.64025.80030.96034.400
AMPER 230/400 Volt1x451x55/3x193x273x363x453x553x60
ELECTRICAL CONNECTION (V-50 Hz)230230/400400400400400400
DEVICE CONNECTION CABLE (mm²)2x62x10/4x44x44x64x104x104x10
BOILER TEMPERATURE RANGE (°C)40/7540/7540/7540/7540/7540/7540/75
USAGE WATER TEMPERATURE ARALIĞI (°C)40/6040/6040/6040/6040/6040/6040/60
HOT WATER PRODUCTION (lt/dk)791012151515
RADIATOR ROUND TRIP DIAMETER (inch)3/43/43/43/43/43/43/4
USAGE WATER INLET OUTLET DIAMETER (inch)1/21/21/21/21/21/21/2
PACKING WEIGHT (kg)38383838414141
Assembly Diagram
Galaxi Smart S Electric Combi Boiler

Parallel connection. Hot water, radiator, underfloor heating.

Galaxi Smart S Electric Combi Boiler

Standard connection. Hot water, radiator, heating.

Galaxi Smart S Electric Combi Boiler

Electric combi boiler and gas combi boiler parallel wiring diagram.