Our company, which started its activities in 2000, has placed the principle of maximum efficiency and minimum cost on the basis of its work since the day it was founded. Based on this principle, it continues its product developments every year with great care.

We continue our R&D studies in order to both optimize the user experience and create high customer satisfaction with high-efficiency products that will meet the heating and hot water needs.

Electric combi boilers and solid fuel boilers are produced in our factory, which has a large machine park, with experienced personnel and state-of-the-art machinery. In addition to our standard products, we also produce systems and product solutions for special needs.

As the Termoakım family, we are working to carry out the whole process with great care, from production to after-sales support. Thanks to our wide and experienced service network, we are always with you in the sales and after-installation support of our products.

By following the technological developments closely, we will continue to work to bring you the best products at all times.

The need for heating and hot water will no longer be a problem.

Our Mission
To produce our products with the best quality and the latest technology. To bring our products together with domestic and international customers.

Our vision
To produce nature-friendly, maximum efficiency, innovative, high quality products in the heating sector.

Our Values
To be a reliable, sensitive, sharing, strong company.

Our principles
Continuous development and improvement.
To be customer oriented.
Being nature friendly.
Production based on technological developments.
People-oriented management.

Thanks to the studies carried out in parallel with the developing technology, we continue to offer high-efficiency and quality products to our customers at all times. After passing the necessary tests, our products are packaged and offered to our customers.

We produce every product with the same quality with our understanding of quality that we never compromise on.

Our mission is to produce safe, efficient, economical and nature friendly products.